Kenn has the goals. I probably cannot come. It would be helpful if the 5 members reply asap so that I can sort out the guest requests. Julius is first in the queue since he did not play last week.


I have to pick up my parents at the airport so I am a "maybe" for tomorrow.


I'm seeing the orthopedist about my knee. I hope to be back playing soon!


We are obviously on tonight.


We are on tomorrow and already have too many people. Please bring black and white shirts. Kenn has not responded yet, so there might only be one spot tomorrow for guests, but there are two at this point.

Based on recent participation, the priority list is Adam, Kata, Maya in descending order. So, Adam is cleared to play at this point. However, someone might drop out tomorrow. Also, if you are bounced this week, then you are front of the queue at your next opportunity.

p.s. I received positive feedback about Parkland MS for the summer when we played last week. It's a decent gym with AC, but some people don't like it because of the distance (yours truly included). If there are any objections, please speak up now.


Someone pulled out so Maya is ON tonight.


Sorry all. Under the weather. Next in line is up

Kata, profile photo

Frank can i borrow stick from you again please? I will buy my own as soon as possible! I also can bring 20buks for summer games if you already need them! See ya tonight!

Eric, profile photo

Was wondering if I could join you guys next week, Im new in DC just moved here. Looking to play some floorball, got my own stick. Thnx


Hi guys. Am I good to play tomorrow? I will bring the 20 so I can play all summer