Talking to Tero and Jesper after the game yesterday, the feedback is that they prefer sticking to Tuesdays (starting July 11) and selecting Carderock as the venue despite the lack of AC. We are still on again this Thursday at Frost. I can't play due to injury so hopefully we get an eighth player. Johan?

I also added July 6 (Thursday) to the schedule but need minimum of 6 signups no later than this Thursday to book it. Then I am going to book Tuesdays, July 11 through August 1 at Carderock, but for the final date of the summer I am booking us on the Thursday (August 10).

I am going to book the rest of the summer this weekend so if anyone has any objections to Carderock then please let me know. It's a brand new school but the gym is small (good for 3 vs. 3) and no AC. The location is convenient for most people.

p.s. Frost has a large gym but it is an old school. Parkland is definitely nicer.


Just to reconfirm: we are playing 9 pm at Robert Frost MS in Rockville on Monday the 26th. We have 7 sign ups so far (and I think an 8th is pending), but many people have not replied.

Then we are playing again next week on Thursday also at Frost at the same time.

Also going forward for the summer, Thursdays at Frost might be a good option. Abi told me that he cannot play on Mondays. Is there anyone who cannot play on Thursdays over the summer? Frost is only available on Mondays and Thursdays. The reason for selecting this school is that it has a big gym (like Pyle) and AC.


Game is on tonight; please bring black and white shirts. To recap: the school is Robert Frost MS and the time is 21:00. The gym is not in use before our time slot. I will strive to arrive early. If you get there before me and the doors are not open then you can call 240-490-2873 and my permit number is 90021.

We are back down to 7 players. Anyone else? Tero or Jonas?

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Please......let us play 4v4!
I will die if we are less....

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I should be able to make it


North Bethesda MS is closed for the summer, so they moved the bookings to an ES in Chevy Chase (Somerset), which we probably do not want. However, Carderock ES and Parkland MS are available on Tuesdays. There is also Herbert Hoover MS, which is only available on Mondays 2100 to 2230.

For next Tuesday I would like to get a headcount by midday Friday to see if it is worth rebooking next Tuesday (20th), i.e. at least 6 players by midday/ early afternoon tomorrow. Let us assume it will be at Carderock ES. I am probably out due to injury; if Johan plays then you can use his goals.

Otherwise, please give me some feedback about the options for the summer. The ESs have smaller gyms, which might actually be good over the summer when it is hard to get 8 players. However, I seem to recall that ES gyms do not have AC. Carderock is a brand new school and Bob Rehak had lobbied to play there during the summer (it was next to his house), but I recall that he found out that it does not have AC. You would think that a brand new school has AC......

Parkland has a nice gym with AC but is far for many people. We played at Hoover once or twice ca. 2010 (just before I moved to Japan) but I think it's a brand new school now. It's close to the 495/ 270 junction. Let me know your preferences.

I will find out more about AC at the ESs.


They moved us to Carderock without notifying me. I have 15 min to cancel and need one more player.

It's right by the bridge to Virginia and close to 495 so easy to get to for most people.


Game cancelled.


It looks like we have enough players for a game tomorrow but it would be nice to get at least two more. Kenn, Jonas, Steve? Jesper, any sons?

Also I would really appreciate it if people could indicate their availability for the summer season. All the dates have been uploaded. If you know that you will be away certain dates then mark it accordingly, or if you are around and expect to play then please indicate IN for now. The venue is North Bethesda MS. The location should not be an inconvenience for anybody. It's just up the road from downtown Bethesda off 187.

I have also added June 29 (Thursday) at Carderock as an extra date to the calendar in lieu of July 4. I have not booked this date yet. Need to do it by June 22.


I see that Kenn joined, so we have 8 players tonight. Great! Jonas, Jesper, Pavol and Johan, please bring $10.

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I guess the $10 got Jonas out from the line up...


We need some more players for tomorrow. This is probably Mariette's last appearance, so it would be nice to assemble at least 8 players.

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I'm not sure I can make it, as of now it looks like I will have to move some of the furniture I borrowed already tomorrow.. Ugh. Will know more tomorrow around noon!

Kiitos Tero - oli hauska tutustua ja pelailla!


Game is cancelled tonight.