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No shoes that leaves skid marks. Basically any indoor shoe works.


Thank you. See you there


Sorry. Pyle has cancelled tomorrow. There is no alternative venue available


What, Do you know why? Are they allowed too? We are now missing three times a row?


My guess is that the school event on Jan 22nd was postponed due to weather. I had suggested booking Jan 24 at Pyle that week when they cancelled the booking in September. So that was not their fault.

If you are really keen then it might be possible to book an Elementary school like Carderock. But Carderock looks like it is probably only available Wednesdays for one hour 9 pm to 10 pm. Friday evening is available 8 pm to 10 pm......

You are welcome to search for elementary school availability at Active Montgomery under View Facility Details. (Look at next week since this week is closed for booking.) If you find something with Tuesday availability then drop me an email asap and I can ask my contact via email. She gets in at 7 am typically so it would have to be done before you retire to have any chance for Tuesday.


You can check the website below. If the schools are closed or close early then the game is always cancelled. This is a "community activity".


Oh to bad


Marcus, if MCPS is closing early will floorball be cancelled? Do you get messages from them?

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All - I can't make a reservation for Thursday, unfortunately, so we skip this week. I'll see you on Tuesday. We have Pyle for the rest of the season, so this is a one-time break.