I’m guessing cancelled since there are only four of us?

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Yeah, we’re going to skip tonight. This means the summer break starts now - enjoy and I’ll see you back again in the Fall! I’ll send out a message with the first game of next season.


Hello everyone. There are only 3 weeks remaining. If you want book the summer then you can play at Parkland (AC) or Herbert Hoover (nice gym, better location, no AC) or an ES like Carderock (small gym, no AC). Markus does not think that there is much interest but if someone else wants to organize please let me know. Historically, there have been summer games booked going back to 2004.

It is possible now to book 7 days in advance, so you could play week by week if there are enough people signing up in advance, but I am not willng to do reservations for you every week, so someone would have to step up and handle the reservations.

This is the site to search for availability and to book:


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Hello, so I will be around in area only through June and July afterwards I´m going to Cali for a vacation and then unfortunately I´m moving back to Czech Rep in mid Sep. If there will be a game at some point when I´m still in DC I´m more that happy to join otherwise my last game is gonna be in three weeks.. It was my pleasure to play with you guys!! :)


Hi Frank
Thank you for this heads up. I am also moving this summer and will not be able to play. It has been great playing with you all and I hope that I can play three more times, but after that I am going to Sweden for holiday and then we are moving to Berlin.

Also if any Swedes want to come to the National Day Celebration at the Residence send me an email and I will send you the invite. June 1. Monica(piste)enqvist(miuku)gov(piste)se

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Magnus responded in

Är vi för många eller? 5 i vart lag?

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English please.


I guess we are not playing tonight- to few. To bad. Next week


Thanks Adam, with you we are already 8, so we are ON for tonight.


Hi, I can’t come tonight- but I will send another Swede Andreas - that is why my name is there 😀