We play innebandy (floorball) every Tuesday year round in Bethesda, MD. We are always looking to recruit new players.

Please feel free to sign up at http://dcinnebandy.playerlineup.com/public_join or use the form on the right.

Keywords: Washington DC, innebandy, floorball, salibandy, Unihockey

Sport Innebandy, floorball, unihockey, and salibandy
Home city Bethesda, Maryland
Team members 93 (Player list)
Markus, profile photo

Do we have more players for tonight? Please RSVP. Thanks!

Markus, profile photo

It’s getting too close for me. I’m calling it off - we’re too few today. Hope to see you next week.

Kenn, profile photo

Sounds fair......next week, guys!


We are six so far for tomorrow. Anyone else?


Yes sure she can come.

Kelly, profile photo

I thought I’d be able to come, but I’m still stuck at work and it’s not looking good. Will try to come next week. Have fun, guys!

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