We play innebandy (floorball) every Tuesday year round in Bethesda, MD. We are always looking to recruit new players.

Please feel free to sign up at http://dcinnebandy.playerlineup.com/public_join or use the form on the right.

Keywords: Washington DC, innebandy, floorball, salibandy.

Sport Innebandy, floorball, unihockey, and salibandy
Home city Bethesda, Maryland
Team members 63 (Player list)

Just want to inform that I booked the dates through June 2018 and uploaded the dates through Xmas. I got Pyle on Tuesdays, mostly with 20:30 start time except some dates in 2018. The first date is Sep 5 at 20:30.

I am waiting to hear from 3 people about next season. The fee is probably going to be either $90 or $100, depending on the number of people. With the exception of Pavol, if your name has yellow background on this page, I am assuming that you are joining for the upcoming season. Let me know if this is not the case.

If other people are interested in joining then please let me know asap.


Hi, my name is Monica and I used to play a lot. Now it has been a while.. but happy to join! Never been to the location, is it easy to find where to go? Parkings there?


We need 3 more players for this Thursday, which is the last session for the summer. Maybe our Swiss contingent is ready for a comeback?


There is no game today.

So, on August 15th, I am booking next season (Sep 17- Jun 18). The target is Tuesdays at 20:30. I am pretty confident to get Pyle at this hour in the fall and spring. However, the winter (Dec-March) is more competitive where you recall the 21:00 starting time in the old days. In case I can't get Tuesdays then please give me some feedback about other days of the week.

For example, Johan can't do Thursdays and Abi can't do Mondays.

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