We play innebandy (floorball) every Tuesday year round in Bethesda, MD. We are always looking to recruit new players.

Please feel free to sign up at http://dcinnebandy.playerlineup.com/public_join or use the form on the right.

Keywords: Washington DC, innebandy, floorball, salibandy, Unihockey

Sport Innebandy, floorball, unihockey, and salibandy
Home city Bethesda, Maryland
Team members 104 (Player list)
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Hi there,

I unfortunately came to the area during Covid so I haven't yet been able to play or meet any of you, but any ideas if people in the group are still active / any of the organizers looking to get things going this year? I'm not sure what the ordinances are for DC but just wanted to see if there was still a chance to play at some point.


Samuel Honegger

Markus, profile photo

Hi Sam,

We have been laying low for now, but I'm optimistic that we can resume playing by the fall (when our season traditionally starts), and perhaps even over the summer. Stay tuned on this page - once Montgomery County allows reservations again, we'll post updates here.


I think it is doubtful that the rentals will be allowed in the summer, so maybe September if you are lucky. If I were around, I would be looking at outdoor options, although you would need to start earlier unless they have outdoor lighting. Montgomery Cty is promoting basketball outdoors. 90% of people who rent gyms use it for basketball so they are renting outdoor basketball courts at the schools. You can look into that, but there is the question of the surface quality. Another idea is to try to find Astroturf fields where they play field hockey, which is probably a better surface.

Another suggestion is to check the situation in Virginia but local and state government is pretty much as left-wing as MD/DC these days so it is probably the same there.

p.s. Time to move to TX, FL or Sweden!

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