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Herbert Hoover Middle School, 8810 Postoak Rd, Potomac, MD 20854 [map]

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Johan M Teage S Patrick S Jesper L Sean H Henriks P Adam P
Andreas t Steve H Markus W Eric L Alison Su L
Kenn B Jolanda D Kata K Hans B Fredrik B Dzastina H Laurent L Antti N Ellen R Roman I Derek S Tero M Hanyan G Peter Stel Hossein N Peter B Juri v Pål E Peter H Peter Sven Abi K Nils J Rodrigo C Bill K Zachary M Lukáš K True O Pavol C Griffin C Gunnar G Patrick M Torsten L Buck W Rasmus L Kate G Leo K Scott R Tammy T Viktor J Chris McKee Sam A Dave R Magnus T Gavin P Phillip N Owen E Matthew C Christopher W Johan V Brian C Monica E Kelly W P. J. Tomas W Julius H Charlie L Jonny W Maya T Mika S Matyas Kevin R Chris R Cecilia H Ville U Chris S Anthony O Adam C Jon David N

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Hi, I can only play if I can get a ride to Hoover with someone. I live at Bethesda center, intersection Wisconsin Ave and Bradley Blvd.


Hi Jesper, you can ride with me. I'll send you an email to coordinate.

Markus, profile photo

I'm under the weather and will skip this week.

Johan responded in

We are ON for tonight. We've got 7 but would be good to have a few more.


Sorry guys! I totally forgot it was tonight and just stayed home. I hope you at least had 6

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Game Tue, Sep 10 at 09:00 PM 4 11
Game Tue, Sep 17 at 09:00 PM 7 6
Game Tue, Sep 24 at 09:00 PM 7 6
Game Tue, Oct 1 at 09:00 PM 6 8
Game Tue, Oct 8 at 09:00 PM 10 5

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