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Thomas Pyle Middle School, Bethesda, MD, 6311 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, MD [map]

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Janne R Frank R Steve H Markus W Abi K Magnus T Tero M Kenn B Johan M Pavol C Kelly W P. J.
Jonas F Alison Jolanda D Monica E Patrick S Hossein N Charlie L Tomas W
Kata K Derek S Hanyan G Peter Stel Peter B Juri v Pål E Peter H Su L Peter Sven Nils J Rodrigo C Bill K Zachary M Lukáš K True O Griffin C Gunnar G Patrick M Torsten L Buck W Rasmus L Kate G Leo K Scott R Tammy T Viktor J Chris McKee Sam A Dave R Gavin P Phillip N Owen E Matthew C Christopher W Johan V Brian C Julius H Jonny W Maya T Mika S Eric L Adam P Matyas Kevin R Henriks P

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It looks like we have a lot of non-members signing up this week. Generally, I prefer that you sign up early rather than late. I will definitely prioritize non-member signs up that have done so by Monday.

I also want to remind that I added the 26th to the schedule but I need at least 6 sign ups to book the date, and the deadline is the 12th.

Also, given the influx of new people, I had mentioned the possibility of adding some dates on Thursdays or Fridays maybe every other or third week. The idea is for non-members to participate and also fund this, so I would ask them to chip in $20, which would cover 3-4 bookings if 5-6 people chip in. Of course, we need some participation from members to make it work.

As an experiment, I added Dec 22nd, realizing that it is a bad day just before Xmas. Feel free to sign up. I would need to book this by this Friday the 8th. (They require 14 days notice for new bookings.)

Feel free to give your feedback about Thursdays vs. Fridays. Unfortunately, on Thursday I couldn't find space at Pyle or other middle schools. Carderock is available on Thursdays but that's a small elementary school gym; it's ok if it's only 6-8 players.

p.s. I have uploaded dates through March. Please notice that some days in Jan and Feb start at 21:00.


Please remember both black and white shirts.

For the non-members: Pavol is cleared to play, and Kelly as long as Monica does not join. Hossein has indicated that he will sit out, so Charlie can join if there is a cancellation. I will check back and update later in the day.

If anyone decides to cancel last minute then please alert me or the website directly. Please select "urgent message" if you use the website; otherwise there is a 30 min delay.


Ok, so Kelly is also IN, and Charlie is OUT unless there is a cancellation.

Please sign up for the 22nd and 26th! If anyone can play on the 21st but not the 22nd then please let me know.


I am stuck at work still and we have an event. So someone can take the spot.

If I can leave and come a little bit, maybe only for 30 minutes - would you be fine with that?


Also I think Tuesdays are better days then Thursdays and Fridays


Since Tomas just signed up, I want to reiterate that we are full tonight unless someone cancels and Charlie is first in line at this point.

I am not too keen about Monica's request unless someone is definitely planning on leaving early. Anybody? Kenn will be very upset if we have more than 12 players. :-) Anyone who is a paying member has a right to claim his or her spot, of course.

Finally, I am NOT replacing Tuesdays. I am trying to add additional days since we have a lot of new players this year.


Okay. I will skip coming then. See you all 2018! Happy holidays

Hossein, profile photo

is ot ok uf i show up?

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