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Thomas Pyle Middle School, Bethesda, MD, 6311 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, MD [map]

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Kata, profile photo

Hey guys! I´m sorry i didn´t respond for a while. Busy work schedule. Would be okay if i come join you on tuesday? I just don´t have a stick - i will need borrow one if it´s possible - i´m a left hand player :)
Thanks and hope to see you guys!


If there’s room I’d love to come!


We are on tomorrow. The 3 guest players who have signed up are cleared to play. Kata, yes I have a left stick that you can borrow. Johan and Kenn, please update your status.

Kata, profile photo

Awesome, thanks! See you tomorrow!


I can book June through August now. Pyle and North Bethesda are both closed for the summer.

June 26 is a holiday in MD, so I was thinking of booking Wednesday, June 20 and June 27 at Herbert Hoover. It should be a nice gym (new school), but no AC. (Hoover is not available on Tuesdays.)

Otherwise Parkland MS in Rockville (with AC) is wide open for the summer. Also Carderock Springs ES (small gym, no AC) where some of you played last summer.

Any feedback is appreciated! Especially if you can play Wednesdays second half of June. I will add Hoover to the calendar, so you can mark your availability.

Tentatively, the fee for the summer is $10 for fall members and $20 for new people.


I can do Wednesday's if it is temporary. I much prefer Tuesdays.

Kata, profile photo

Hey I´m in - even for wednesdays :) I'm also travelling home to Czech Republic first two weeks in July so then i can bring my own stick to play with! 20 dollars is for whole summer or one play?


Rockville all summer is good for me! If it’s $20 for the season count me in


I should say Hoover and Wednesday’s are good too.


I am away six weeks. But I am happy to pay 10 for being able to play a couple of times in June.

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